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2320 Santa Clara Avenue | Alameda, California
Since 1943

We are a purveyor of elegant and timeless bicycles that live up to, or perform even better than products yielded by new materials and technological designs.

Hand-crafted with an inexhaustible commitment to quality, we’re proud to offer these bikes.




Waterford is a hand-builder of fine custom bicycle frames. Its factory is located in Waterford, Wisconsin, just outside Milwaukee. Founded in 1993, Waterford took over Schwinn Bicycle Company’s Paramount Design Group research and production facility.

Founded by Richard Schwinn and Marc Muller, Waterford built on the Paramount history of excellence and performance and has established its own reputation the custom bicycle world.



Founded in 1998, Gunnar is a fully owned subsidiary of Waterford Precision Cycles and specializes in hand-built, TIG-welded air-hardening steel bicycle frames. Their products inherit the legacy and merits of Waterford craftsmanship, but at a lower price range.

Gunnar was named after a beloved factory dog, who represented the qualities they aspired for – and continually achieve – in their bikes: reliability, strength, toughness and friendliness.

Bob Jackson

Bob Jackson

Bob Jackson’s history dates back to 1935 in Leeds, UK as "J.R.J. Cycles", and was once associated with the Merlin and Hetchins bicycle brands. The company that produces the line of bicycle frames exclusively labeled as Bob Jackson Cycles took form in 1993.

Today, Bob Jackson remains one of the most distinctive marks in handcrafted custom and production bicycle frames with enduring devotion to classic British bicycle design.

The Bikes

We take great pride in the bikes that we sell and build, and expect their owners to delight in riding them for years and years. Have a look at some of the beautiful machines that we’ve delivered, many of which have unique design, fabrication, and build-out features to meet specific customer needs.


Tune Ups & Maintenance

  • Full bike overhaul & service
  • Drivetrain, brake and control adjustments
  • Chain and cable replacement
  • Pre-event check-ups
  • Travel preparation, packing & reassembly
  • Component upgrades / installation
  • Accessory installations


  • Frame and fork repairs
  • Post-incident damage inspection
  • Wheel re-building / truing
  • Frame repainting / refinishing

Custom Shop

  • Custom bicycle frame orders
  • Custom handbuilt wheels
  • Special bicycle modification consulting
  • Accessory recommendations and ordering
  • Vintage & hard-to-find parts consulting

About Stone's Cyclery


Distinguished Bicycles and Personal Service

Founded in 1943, Stone’s Cyclery is a multi-generational familiy business that is as steeped in the history of their neighborhood home of Alameda, California as in the history of American performance bicycle manufacture itself. The shop’s enduring, close ties with the Waterford Precision Cycles family, and with Schwinn/Paramount prior to that, as well as Bob Jackson Cycles and highly esteemed Northern California frame builders reflect the kind of commitment to product excellence brought to the unique customer satisfaction and experience they offer.

Stone’s Cyclery may be praised by the website Classic Rendezvous as “the dream shop for vintage bike lovers”, but offers the newest and latest in bicycle product offerings as well. Although modern high performance is never compromised in the shop’s selective product line, we celebrate the timeless and proven over the trendy. The distinguished quality of our bikes will thrill you no less.

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